Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, December 6, 2010

Being at home

Aheeemm..I understand that I left my blog for some time. Haha...Sorry for being so lazy to update my blog. Now I find that I have a little spare time so I use this opportunity to post something here. Just short update on what have been going on in Ipoh. Yup..I came home for about 2-3 weeks already and during this period I didn't manage to update my blog. Mainly is because I got nothing special to update about.

Being at home is just like any other days but the different thing is that I'm practically so much busier at home compared to being in KL's home. Haha. Well in KL is busy as well but is busy with assignments and work but once reach home will be doing homework and sometimes cook a little. However, at home in Ipoh, basically I will do a lot of things covering from housework, cooking for family and then to helping in family business.

I wan to apologize to people I know who doesn't know what my family is doing. I'm surprised that KehLen and Jeremy do not know about my family business. Well I never mention bout it to them so sorry for being so careless to inform them about this.

Our family business is carried out just at the compound of our house. We sell pet fishes and fish foods to people who want them. We also sell fish tank accessories and pumps and filters for fish tanks. Fishes that are sold here include Fighting fish, Guppies like Sakura and Red tail, Black Angel Fish, 'Rat' Fish, 'Tiger' Fish, Flower Horn and so on. This business is run by my dad and my mum and brothers help to sustain and manage the business as well. Everyday we will feed the fishes and few times a week we will have to clean the tanks. My dad will go out to catch and find fish foods like those red worms, 'kutu air' and drain fishes. I wish I can upload those pictures of fishes and fish foods here but I did not bring my bluetooth back so I keep those picture for nxt post k? I'm sure not alot people have seen those things before..=) But I am proud of what we are's our family business that raise us to adulthood and bring us all together..

Well being at home includes helping with family business. That's why I'm busy to upload any pictures or post here...Haha...Will update more k? Well my life in Ipoh bit boring once awhile but I kinds enjoy too...where I do not need to rush to work or class like I have to in KL...I pretty much like my life here with my family.

But....I also love the life in KL especially with my baby boy..We are just been together for so long and being together all the time made us so attached to each other and separating now can make us sad and miss each other so much...

He said to me yesterday.." U mean a lot to me"...I feel so happy to see this sentence..

Miss u baby....

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