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Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Skin care products

Ok..This post is mostly on product review. I had many skin care products actually. Haha..I'm not rich..but all these can be bought in the local pharmacies. Well most of the products I'm going to review have been used for quite some time. Some is finishing already..Straight to the point k? I did some short review of those products I've used but this time I wanna do a longer review of it with the purpose to inform people more about certain products I'm using. I go by the sequence of my skin care routine k?

1. Cleanser: Neoderma Liquid Soap
Brief intro:
This cleanser is made in Cyprus and it is best for combination to oily skin which I am having now. Meaning this cleanser is best for those with acne-prone skin.

Product and packaging:
This cleanser has a very handy bottle and it comes with pump and plastic cover which means it has hygienic packaging. The cleanser liquid is light brownish colour and it's a clear liquid soap. It has pleasant smell and when used with some water, it will lathers up into foam very easily and deeply cleanses the skin.

My try with product: I love this cleanser actually. It really cleanses my skin deeply and after dabbing my skin dry, the skin is squeaky hard-boiled egg after removed its shell..=)

Price: ~RM70++ (forgotten how much I got this from my beautician)

2. Exfoliator: St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Brief info: This scrub contains many apricot beads to gently exfoliate the skin.

Product and packaging:
This scrub packed in a squeezable tube and it is quite large tube, 170g which will last for quite some time since I will exfoliate only few times a week (not daily as it will thin out the skin fast and remember to be gentle while exfoliate ur skin). The product is in a quite thick consistency and it smells great!

My try with the product:
This is one of the best scrub I've used and I recommended to my friend as well. It's cheap and last for a very long time.. After using this, my skin will be so so so smooth. Seriously, this is great to use few times a week to remove the dead skin cells to promote skin regeneration.

Price: ~RM14++

3. Toner: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Clear Lotion

Brief info: This lotion is actually a toner in simple word. This toner has the function to hydrate the skin and prep the skin for deeper moisturizing effects from essence and moisturizer. It has progressive releasing system to promote hydration of the skin.

Product and packaging:
This toner has a very pretty packaging and bottle. It's a blue bottle in 150ml and it come with a simple turn cover and the toner smells a bit strong for me..But the scent is nice though.

My try with the product:
I just used this toner for twice actually. Haha..but I already love it. I love the feeling after applying this toner. It makes my skin softer and hydrated. It makes my skin light as well

Price: RM25++
4. Moisturizer: Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizing Cream
Brief info: This product is made my fruits water like apple and it functions to moisturize the skin to keep it hydrated

Product and packaging:
This cream comes in a small tub made of glass and it has a lid to cover the opening before closed by the plastic cover. The product is light green in colour and smells so nice. Fruity smell I should say..=)

My try with the product:
This moisturizer so far is my favourite. I use it daily and everytime after I bathe so to keep my skin hydrated. I love the scent. It's not sticky and it's very easy to be absorbed into the skin, making the skin smoother and softer afterwards.

Price: <>

5. Mask: Himalaya Mud Pack
Brief info: This mask is a mud mask with Walnut to gently exfoliate the skin during rinsing. Mud mask functions to dry out excess sebum, dirt and impurities from the skin, cleansing the pores and to control sebum production. It's best for oily skin

Product and packaging:
Like other mask packaging, this mask comes in 150ml and last for so long. It is a squeezable tube with tight cover. The mask is brown colour and dries off fast. It is very thick consistency as well

My try with the product:
This is I seldom use but lately, I've been using it few times a week. I feel it reali cleanses my pores and skin. It's a mud mask anyway, acting like a magnet drawing out dirt and impurities. I love this now! It dries out fast which makes me feel like having a face-lift.

Price: ~RM24++

6. Mask: Freeman Facial Clay Mask

Brief info: This mask made from avocado and oatmeal extracts. Functions to cleanse the face revealing softer and healthier skin

Product and packaging:
This is also a 150ml squeezable tube product. The mask smells great and it's blueish green in colour. The mask is easily to be applied and the tube is very handy and hygienic as it had a tight cover

My try with the product:
This mask is like a cleansing mask as well and I love this feeling after rinsing it off. However, I guess this is too strong for my skin if I'm having any scars or open small 'wounds' after my pimples being squeezed. =P..The product will give a tingling sensation at the area..feeling like stinging sensation there. Too harsh I guess...but if there's no pimples or wounds, it will do a great job to the skin...I love this mask as well coz after using it, the skin is like baby' skin..

Price: ~ RM18++

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