Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to blogging

It's been super long since I last posted in my blog. Pretty sorry for the delay..=(

I've been through many things lately..which will make my post super long today. Just to update my lovely readers, I'm currently on my final semester to graduation. I've just completed my study days and now waiting for exam in two weeks time. =) After the exam I will be free..and...go into another chapter of my life..

I will be going into the working life soon..Think of it makes me very stress and headache..

Oh..btw, I had went for my first interview last week. The interview was at SNB Global Health and Beauty Group. The company is in Kepong Baru and it is super near to my house. It was a good experience and also a bad one. I felt super emotional and down after the interview. They are looking for a nutritionist who can speak, write and read chinese. But unfortunately I can't, and this made them doubted about hiring me. Well, I cannot blame anyone, this is really my weakness and also somethings that I cannot improve in just a matter of few days or weeks of time..Haiz...what to do?!

Currently I am back to my hometown Ipoh and met up with my besties for lunch and shopping. It's been the greatest time I had. We were crazy enough to buy a 'gang shirt', whereby the design is the same for four of us..=) The only difference is the color of the blouse. Mine and Chia Wen's are white while the other two Lings are black..Cute? simple and nice..

In addition, yesterday I had BBQ at home with my family members.. 

My mum's secret recipe to delicious BBQ chicken wings...marinate with soy sauce, sugar, some oyster sauce, and black soy sauce. Then plus with good fire, the chicken wings will be super delicious..=P

Everyone, presenting my beloved hubby, Lee Jian Choong. Yea this is how he looks like while he is driving and dreaming and wondering what to eat...

Believe it or not, we are together for 5 years already..seems long but it's still very short for us to know each other even more...

Camwhoring before go out...

Currently I am using this Naruko's oil out night gelly..I super liking this..OMG makes my skin so smooth and firm the next morning...
You can get this at Watson @ RM 45/jar (60g)

Okie...i got to go now...Will try to update again soon...

Take care,

Lai Peng

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