Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Playing saxophone and making card

Yesterday I was spending my time making card and playing with my brother's saxophone..Fun...=P

Well, this is how my dog looks like..the cutest member in our family..

And here you see I am playing with brother's saxophone..really difficult to play..and I am really proud of him for being able to play a song using this instrument!


My best friend Wai Leng's birthday is next month but however, I am going for nutrition conference on her big day. She requested nothing from me except for a handmade birthday card...So..I was thinking of 'hanging board' concept for this card of hers..

 This is the front side... 

And the back of the card

The 3rd piece of the card which is not attached to others yet

This love side is for me to put our gang pictures for her memories..! =)

Hope she likes it!

Lai Peng
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