Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Updated skin care routine

Hello everyone. I am back with another post about my skin care routine. Again, I must say that I am a person who loves investing on skin care products. So as you can see below, I've laid out all the skin care products that I use on day-2-day basis. These are what I used daily..

I follow the basic steps of skin care: 1) Cleanse --> 2) Tone --> 3) Moisturize --> 4) Eye cream
The products that I use:
1) Cleanser: Hada Labo AHA BHA cleanser
2) Toner: Simple Soothing toner (sorry bout the picture, this is my travel size toner in Clinelle's bottle)
3) Moisturizer: Naruko Oil Out Balancing Moisturizer
4) Eye cream/gel: Skinz UV white eye gel
5) Night gelly (for night routine): Naruko Oil Out Night Gelly..

The picture above shows the texture and consistency of the products that I used for my skin. Based on the color of the circle, you can differentiate the different texture and consistency of those products. So, the moisturizer is the most runny texture and my favorite of all. 

My take: The moisturizer is easily absorbed and leaving no sticky feeling at all. Very light and moisturizing. It somehow helps my skin to balance out the oil production. My face is less shinny now. Really love it! 

The night gelly is very good as well. It claims to be able to control sebum production over night. Well, I must say that is did no really control sebum production. My skin is still shinny the next day but it is not as oily as before. 

My take: The night gelly is easily absorbed as well. It smells so good (tea tree herbal scent). The texture is just like gel and it does not leave any stickiness after application..=) Perfect for oily skin..

Do check out these Naruko products online at these websites: long for this time
Take care everyone

Lai Peng <3
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