Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scratch and Win 14/5/12 (Part 2)

Ok, now comes to the part 2 or this stupid scam issue. As you all know, I was cheated RM4000, in return of a stupid jade mattress and NO PROOF at all of the 'sales'. Indeed I did not get anything as proof. NO IC, NO RECEIPT. People will be wondering why..and..WHY NO RECEIPT still get cheated? Funny and stupid right? But, I need to remind you all again that I WAS ALONE in the office with 2 GUYS there. Even if I realize it was a scam, DO YOU THINK I CAN ESCAPE UNHARMED? The door is secured with password, and I cannot guarantee that they will not harm me, or RAPE me if I try to escape..I don't dare to take risk so just go on with the show!

The picture above shows the location of the hideout..Take a look at this and remember this in your mind. If you get approached by people at KL central monorail and follow them to the office, this will be the office! No lie because my BF was brought to this office as well...

This is the name of the office! Well, don't know it's real or not. Whatever!

This is the letter/form they show you to attract you..look at the left side: THE PRIZES!

Ok..yesterday 16/5/2012 was our plan to get the evidence from these people. Going back to the monorail station prepared [No extra cash, NO MONEY in ATM], we try to lure them into our trap! I disguised myself differently, walked with my BF and help him to identify these suckers! And I SAW BOTH THE IDIOTS CHEATED me! God Bless Us! And then I was sent to KL central while my bf get on with the play. 

Just like what we expected, they approached him and brought to the same office and the same incident was played again in the office. He was brought to the office by the first guy who approached me, called Ah Hong.  My bf manage to take picture of his IC and he did the play well. After knowing that he does not have any money in the ATM, the guy asked him to get money from home...Really bloody sucker! 

My bf manage to escape safely and promised them to return with money! Ha, they wanted to follow him home, but he rejected! When we drove and passed by the monorail station, he saw one of the guy who planned to cheat him was already back to the street to continue finding his prey! WTH! My bf told me that when he was going up to the office, there were two girls coming down [suspecting they are going to withdraw money], and while he was leaving the office, he saw the Ah LIM bringing a Malay lady with daughter going up the office to be cheated. You may ask, WHY HE DIDN'T ALERT these people? Well, we can't afford to blow the cover. If they knew we planned these out, they would have escaped ASAP, and I cannot go bck there with tribunal award to claim back my money! Sounds very selfish, but that time, we also wished that the law enforcers would help us...

Given such plan, we quickly approached the nearest police station to do report and ask if they can help us to catch these people...Since, those scammers were told that my bf will be going back there with money, it might a good chance for the police to catch them at the office since we know the exact location, we know the guys. But they direct us to consumer department (hal ehwal pengguna) and ask whether they are willing to help us! Unfortunately, they told us no need to do anything, they will go check it out..Will they? Not sure! Instead, they advice us to inform our friends not be get cheated again...and also blamed me to be fallen into the trapped even though knew that it was a trap...bla bla bla....

What else I can do? Nothing, except to go to the bank to get the CCTV, get my bank slip of withdrawal and also to do the tribunal report with the IC no. taken..hope this can help me..

This blog post I want people to read and share it...I also want you all to know what I was going through and do not EVER REPEAT my silly MISTAKE!

God Bless You all! 

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