Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bali Honeymoon - Day 2, Part 1 (Visit to Uluwatu Temple)

Bali, Bali, Bali.. This word keeps appearing in my mind consciously and non-consciously. Haha. I seriously miss our Bali trip very much. If you have missed my first day experience in Bali, feel free to check it out here DAY 1 in Bali. Ok, let me share with you our day 2 experience in Bali. On day 2, we woke up around 7 something in the morning as we saw the sky was very bright already. In fact, around 6.30 am, the sky was bright already. Our breakfast only arrive around 9am so we decided to go for morning swim (Sorry no pictures ^^).

 The villa early morning at 7.30am. It felt like 10.30am. Haha

 I only took some pictures of us posing around the villa

 Good morning! Sorry for my pale face!

Breakfast arrived late around 9.30am. This was because of some miscommunication with the staff. Hubby called around 8.45am to inform them that 'Breakfast CAN SERVE' but after waited till 9.15am, the food did not arrive and when he called again, the staff said hubby said 'Breakfast CANCEL'. So they did not send the food to us. Hubby was shocked and repeated that we want to have breakfast. Conclusion of this story, just use BAHASA MELAYU! We did not blame them though as both sounds really familiar. Anyway, the breakfast arrived around 9.30am. Still ok for us!

 We made two types of tea for breakfast - peppermind and chamomile tea. Yes with our Bintang beer cap souvenir! =P

 Breakfast came already! Yummy! Hubby had the Bali fried rice with sunshine egg, I had omelet with bacon and sausage. We were served with two banana pancakes, croissant, breads, jams, fruit platter and orange juice. This was very appetizing and filling!

We all headed out for our tour around 11.00 am. We had a friend's friend who brought us around the island. He brought us to Kirshna Oleh Oleh Bali at Seminyak to buy some souvenirs first before heading out. At first we told him we wanted to go to Betelnut Cafe, Tanah Lot and ECHO beach. In the end, we changed our plans all together and headed to Uluwatu Temple after souvenirs shopping. Haha! So, again no need to plan next time as most of the time things won't go as planned. So Agus brought us to have our simple lunch first after shopping. We ate at one small warung beside the street. Here, we had the Balinese 'Nasi Campur' and we had the Ayam Bertutu (steamed chicken with lots of herbs and spices). This chicken was very good- aromatic and tasty!

 Ayam bertutu and vegetables

After our simple lunch, we continued our long journey to Uluwatu Temple. It took nearly one hour to that temple from Seminyak. There were long jam along the way. Luckily we were in an air conditioned Avanza! Phew. After the long journey, we finally arrived at Uluwatu Temple. Admission fee for adult was IDR 30,000/ pax including the 'sarong' to cover the legs. Note that the Temple is a holy place and no shorts and skirts allowed to enter the area, thus, 'sarong' will be provided to cover the legs. 

 We're going into the temple

 Let us take a selfie first before going inside

Well, coming up are all the beautiful pictures we took around Uluwatu Temple. The temple is located at the south of Bali, facing the Indian Ocean. This place is very unique as it as located at a high cliff of the island. Agus told us that in the event of tsunami in year 2004, Bali was protected from tsunami due to this high cliff at Uluwatu. Amazing right?! The ancient Bali people had built these strong walls as a barrier along Uluwatu, which looks like the 'Great Wall of Bali' - not China ya! ^^ Enjoy these beautiful pictures of Uluwatu!

 Can you see how high is the cliff?

 Sunny day in Uluwatu. Many people visit this temple and waited for sunset too

 Let's selfie again with Hubby!

 Hubby felt hot and tired I guess!

 Welcome to Uluwatu Temple fellow biri biris

See the deep cliff clearly?

 We took another seflie at different angle

 We walked around the temple and found this beautiful flowers so asked hubby to take picture with me. The outcome of the picture was beautiful. Can you see the light rays?

 Hello from me at Bali. I love taking pictures at temples. It's the feel in Bali! Hubby took this picture but I feel that I take better pictures. (See below)

 This picture is nice right? Full body!

 Many people are walking around the temple.

 Some of the temples in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a very very big area with a few temples in it. Pictures just now were taken on the left side of Uluwatu, and pictures below are taken on the right side of Uluwatu. It's a very long walking aisle, just like Great wall of Chine. We did not go too far as it was very sunny and hot. Just enjo the lovely view of Uluwatu.


 Selfie again. Beautiful betul! No other words to describe this place

 How far is the sea from here?? No end

 Lovely place Agus had brought us 

More temples

 We kept walking and walking and did not notice where we are anymore.

 Another side of Uluwatu

 Along the way, we will see many of these shaded walkways. Like inside a forest. You can walk along this place to avoid the sun

 No sun!

 Beautiful clear blue water along the shore. 

 Temples again

 Hubby took this shot! Nice?

 There's a temple top to the cliff but we did not walk there. Too far away!

 We just love the shade!

 This is the holy water pool beside the temple. See how hot it is? I had to use an umbrella to walk around.

 Hubby took this picture to get the sun light ray in the picture

 We took our last picture outside the temple before going out

The weather was too hot and we came out to grab a nice cooling coconut drink. It was IDR 20,000 for one coconut and we shared it. The difference between Malaysia and Bali's coconut is that our coconut has more flesh and less coconut water but Bali's, their coconut has more water and almost zero coconut flesh to eat.

Drink drink drink!

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Love Bali
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