Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bali Honeymoon - Day 3 (Tanah Lot and Going Home to Malaysia)

How quick time passed right? Very quickly we had reached Day 3 in Bali. How time passed. I find that we did not spend enough time in Bali though. This is a beautiful Island and we need to come again to explore more attractions on this Island. As I said, one point of interest to another is very far (about 1-2H ride one way), so more time is needed if we wish to visit more places.


After the satisfying breakfast, we went to settle our stay bill. It was IDR 1,949,000 total (equivalent to RM500++ for 2 nights stay in this villa - cheap right?)

 We saw this cut mini gas tong outside the office. Well, I had never seen such small gas tong in Malaysia. ^^ so cute

 Good bye Unagi Villas. TQ so much to the staff for rendering good service and attend to our needs the whole stay. It's a beautiful villa and I really love our stay here. Hubby feels the same way! 

 We were leaving on the 3rd Day, but I was not satisfied yet as I did not visit Tanah Lot as planned. So we spoke to Juli in the morning and asked if he is OK to send us to Tanah Lot before dropping us at airport. He said he's OK but we had to add IDR 100,000 for the trip. Total we had to pay Unagi additional IDR 300,000 for airport transfer and Tanah Lot trip. We left the villa around 9.30am to go to Tanah Lot.

 On the way to Tanah Lot Temple. We saw many green paddy field along the way

We reached Tanah Lot around 9.50am and the entrance fee was IDR 30,000 per pax and parking fee was IDR 5,000. We quickly headed to the temple after finished shopping for 2 Bintang T-Shirt for my Brothers

You will pass by a lot of stalls for shopping of clothes and sorvenirs before reaching Tanah Lot temple

 Hey hey, Welcome to Tanah Lot, Bali

Now, what so special about Tanah Lot that I must go? Well, it's a templet 'floating' on the sea. When high tide, the temple will be 'floating' on the sea as the sea water separated the temple and the land. When the tide is low, the water level reduced and people can walk to the temple on the other side. Amazing right?

At this hour, the tide was still high. Though we could walk further out, but we could not cross it yet.

There was a guard around to stop visitors from going too near to the waves as we could be swapped away by the waves.

 Strong waves

 This is the closest we could get as the guard was stopping us from going too near. Sorry, no close up pictures of Tanah Lot

 But hubby and I managed to take some beautiful pictures of us visiting Tanah Lot. Yahoo! Dreams come true.

 Beautiful Tanah Lot. Yep! I always use beautiful because there's no other words to describe the view of places in Bali

We walked around and took pictures again. Temple Temple

 Hi! I'm posing in front of temple again

 So many visitors early morning.

Temple with Dragon!

 Hello from Tanah Lot

 Amazing temples

 Juli took this picture for us. Nice! I like this view of Tanah Lot.

 See the 'hole'??

 Thank you Juli for sending us here and there before we leave. Such a cheerful driver from Unagi Villas.

 Good bye Tanah Lot! Hope to come again next time!

 We then headed to Agong Bali Oleh Oleh to grab some last souvenirs when we were on our way to Ngurah Rai Airport. We departed to Airport around 11.30am.

 Guess what I saw in the airport? Bintang Bar!

Big Bintang Beer

Ready to go home to Malaysia. Sad

Pictures tree in the airport

Selfie with this nice decoration in the airport.

There are a lot of souvenirs for sale but price displaed as USD. Woohoo! EXP!

Big clock tower in the airport.

Our flight was 2.25pm by AirAsia. Got to say goodbye to Bali already...Before our flight we thougt of grabbing some food there. Unfortunately after checking in, the food option available are not cheap at all. One meal per pax will cost more than IDR 100,000. We had balance IDR 100,000++ and we decided not to eat there. We just bought two packets of biscuits to survive the flight. Haha
 So, for other travellers on budget, just take note of this and remember to either eat outside first before checking-in or leave extra cash for use after check-in. If possible, try to eat outside airport.

We reached KLIA2 around 5.00pm, 1/2 hour earlier than expected and we quickly rushed to Yoyo bus stop to catch an earlier bus back to Ipoh. Yes! We reached Ipoh 1 hour earlier after boarding an earlier bus.

Check out these full luggage of sourvenirs from Bali.

Overall, we want to say that we really, truly enjoyed our 3 Days Honeymoon in Bali. Though it's short but it was a wonderful experience for us husband and wife holiday without our cheeky boy for few days. It was a good feeling though. We hope to come again to Bali in coming years and this time, we have to stay 4 days at least to truly explore this Beautiful Island of Indonesia. 

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