Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bali Honeymoon - Day 2 Part 2 (Blue Point Beach & Jimbaran Sunset)

Hi. Now, let's continue on the part of my Day 2 in Bali. I had written my Day 1 HERE and my Uluwatu Experience HERE. After visiting Uluwatu, Agus brought us to Jimbaran Beach and on the way, we stopped by Blue Point Beach where that beach is very famous for surfing. We were keen to have a look and quickly walked there.

 While going down to the beach, we saw many many many scooters belonging to tourists. They used motorbikes and scooters to transport their surfing board to the beach.

While walking down to the beach, we passed by many bars and beach restaurants, stalls and shops. I did not take any pictures for that. Sorry.

From top, you can see the crystal clear beach and surfers going out for surfing

To get down to the beach, we have to go down this steep stairs. To be honest, I could not get down as it was too steep and I was shaking. I went down halfway and I told hubby I wanted to go up again. I was too afraid to go down.

 As you can see, I had to hold on to the rocks beside the stairs to go down. Very scared.

 In the end, hubby went  down alone to the beach side.

 Alot of people going down for surding and sun bathing.

 We stopped at Blue Point Beach about 20 minutes and quickly we found Agus to bring us to Jimbaran. The journey to Jimbaran was about 30 minutes due to the heavy traffic. Blue Point Beach to Jimbaran is about 10 minutes but due to heavy traffic, it took us longer.

 See all the scooters? Blocking the road and jamming everyone. 

While on the way, I asked Agus about the 'temples' I kept seeing along the road. I asked if we can enter these temples. He replied while laughing, "This is not temple, this is house." I was like HOUSE? But it looks like temple from outside. Agus patiently explained that Hinduism in Bali is very strong and before anyone build their house, they have to build the temple first. It's the 'Head' of the home. In addition, Agus said that the wealth of a family can be displayed from the Temple. If you see gorgeous, huge and well defined temple, the family is richer compared to those family with moderate side and 'normal' looking temple. I was like "OOOOhhh"

 Temples in the house

 Very amazed

 Can you believe this is a house? I really thought this is a temple

We reached Jimbaran around 5.50pm and quickly we headed in to look for a place to eat. I was surprised that the whole beach has so many restaurants. Hubby said we should look for set dinner here as it is cheaper. 

Can you see how many restaurants there are?

 Selfie again with hubby

 If you are not sure what I was doing, we were taking pictures of the horse. Tried selfie but failed.

 Walking along the beach

We were seated and waiting for our food.

Very cute. There were many corn stalls on the beach selling Jagung Bakar. Their jagung bakar is very special. Unlike Malaysia one, theirs have sambal on it. Sambal and jagung sounds and tastes weird, but I can guarantee you that it is very NICE (provided you love sambal in the first place). It cost IDR 10,000.

Finally our food arrived. We ordered a set dinner for 2 person which consists of 1 lobster, 8 large prawns, 4 clams, 1 fish, 1 plate of squid, rice, vegetables, peanuts and 2 Bintang Beer. How much was it? It cost IDR 950,000 (near to 1 million weh). This is equivalent to RM 280++. Pricy?  Yup it is pricy for a meal for 2 pax. Worth it? Well, both hubby and I felt it is totally worth it for the ambience and the feel of the dinner beside the beach, watching sunset.

Our 'costly' dinner. Yummz. Seriously, the food were OK. Not super fantastic as raved. But the food was edible. The Cili Padi kicap is perfect for the squid. 

Yummy. Let's selfie before eat

We're eating before the beach.

Slowly, the sun began to set. It was about 6.30pm when the sun slowly set. 

 Sunset at Jimbaran

 After the sun set, everyone was eating in the romantic setting at the beach. We left around 6.45pm

Agus sent us home after the satisfying dinner. We could not finish the food and brought some back to the villa for supper ^^

We reached the villa around 7.30pm after the long ride home. As usual, it was jam here and there.
We rested at villa for that night and took this opportunity to show you that we had became a miliionaire in Bali!

 It's about the Money, Money, Money

And we took the pictures of 'part of' the sourvenirs we bought from Kirshna Oleh Oleh. Haha. So many and I was not done yet. 

I end this post with a lovely picture of the sunset at Jimbaran Beach. Credit to: Hubby

Thank you for reading!


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