Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skin care products

I know I sound so crazy when I update so so so many skin care products that I use..Lolz..Well..I concern over my skin although I can't get super healthy and clear skin like others do but I do take care of it..hoping it won't turn super terrible. Definitely it has improved lately and I discover something good about one of my masks.

Ok. Now the basic skin care line that I use is just cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Picture above shows the products that I'm using now. For cleanser, I'm using NeoDerma's Liquid Soap. I love this cleanser as it reali cleanses my skin. After using it, my skin will feel very smooth. But of course it I leave it to dry it will turn my skin reali dry. So after cleansing will quickly pat dry with facial sponge and apply toner. Toner I use is Nano White refining toner. I like this as well as it didn't dry my skin out and it's perfectly cheap and smells good. U can get it at any pharmacy near u. Then, I will moisturize. In the morning, I will use Garnier's Aqua Defence Moisturizing Cream. It has a very light and creamy feel and it reali moisturizes my skin making it soft and smooth. =). Then since I will go out to class, I will apply an extra layer of sun block from Garnier Light. It has SPF15 property and it also moisturizes my skin. The best thing is it won make my face oily afterwards. For night time, I will cleanse and tone my skin using the same products but for moisturizer, I will use Egyptian Magic Cream. This cream....100% love it. Although it is made from purely oil and natural products, it does not make my skin oily. Well after apply it will be very oily but the oil will be absorbed right away, making the skin reali reali soft the next morning. I can bet with u this product make my scars lighter as well

As for special skin care line, I will pamper my skin twice a week or 3 times a week with masks. I have 3 types of masks. First is Himalaya's Mud Pack. It claims to treat blemishes and acne. Em..I seldom use tis though so I'm not sure how well the claim reali is. The second mask is Artistry Pore Cleansing Masque. This is a clay mask and it helps to draw out excess oil and impurities from the pores. And I love this because it can clean my pores very well. And another cool thing is..I used it as a pimple cream as well. At night, I would dab a small dot on the pimple and the next morning, it dries off. Amazing. The third mask is Skin Food's Papaya Yogurt Wash Off Mask. I love this as well. God. This mask smells so good and it reali hydrates my skin. It is claimed to heal pimples (by the SA). I just used 3 times so I got no idea how true is that. Well I just try longer than before giving a solid review on it. I do exfolliate my skin few times a week to remove the dead skin cells and impurities. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to get this purpose. After using this, the skin will feel super soft and smooth. After exfolliating, pat dry and follow ur normal skin care routing like tone and moisturize. I usually exfolliate after cleansing. I also use Oxy10 as my pimple treatment. I just use it to dab on my pimples and it reali works for me.

Ok...I'm keen on Laneige products now after listening and watching Bubbi's videos. I wanna try the Laneige Foaming Cleanser after mine is finished! Yay!

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