Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, October 22, 2010

Update for 3rd year 1st semester

Today is the 2nd last day of the sem. I couldn't believe that it's already the end of the semester, after exam and holiday, I'll be going for posting...I'm going nearer and nearer to graduation. Seriously cannot believe it. Today I went for a seminar for nutrition products by Nestle, Abbott, Dutch Lady and Danone Dumex. I got a lot of goodies from the companies...Yeah! I can get full and complete nutrition soon! Yeah! =D

This is the long waited goodie bag from DUTCH LADY! I love this...the stripes are just so pretty!
U can see how many goodies and samples we got!

Top Left: Glucerna SR for Diabetic Patient (Abbott)
Top 2nd: Ensure for Complete Nutrition (Abbott)
Below Left: Nutren Optima (Nestle)
Below 2nd: Nutren Junior for kids (Nestle)
Below 3rd: Nutren Fiber (Nestle)
Most right: Nutren Diabetic (Nestle)

P/S: The cute calculator is a present I got from the quiz at the end of session with Nestle. Its a very cool calculator...It can calculate the energy requirement and everything [no nid memorize formula anymore] Yeah XD

This sem is reali a tiring and stressful sem. I had many cooking labs this sem and I even have to come out with a cancer booklet with my coursemates. And we have to cook the recipes inside the booklet. This fruit jelly is the one I made. Deli
cious and very energy densed!



Lab 2: Diabetes and Obesity

Breakfast: Mee goreng mamak, Skim milk and guava
Afternoon tea: Kesari and tea

Lab 3: Renal

Lunch: Papaya, Rice, Sambal ayam and mix vege

Lab 4: Gout and Cardiovascular Diseases

Dinner: Rice, Stir Fry Kangkung, Manggo Agar-agar and Bawal masak cili padi

Lab 5: Hepatobiliary and Gastrointestinal

Breakfast: Longan agar-agar, stir fry kailan, skim milk and chicken porridge
Lunch: Rice, Kung Pao chicken, steamed brinjal with oil, and leng chee kang

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