Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I stocked up my products. I bought Garnier's Aqua Defense Toner. I've been using Aqua Defense's moisturizing gel and cream. So I think it's not wrong to try the toner as well. Hehe..Well Malaysia is super hot and it will dries up my skin, making it sluggish and dry. It is good to hav my skin moisturized. Ahhh I know I sound like a beauty expert or wat. Argghh Jeremy keep saying this that I've been like a guru for beauty products..Well I'm not..Ok I just think being in early 20s should start taking good care of my skin...I dunwan turn old so quickly! Yea I finished my previous toner so I start with this new one.. Used it few times and I love the scent! Its reali refreshing!

Price: RM15.61 at Guardian pharmacy

Ok...I also bought this exfoliating facial brush and this little tool here can exfoliate my skin during cleansing and after mask. It will remove all the dirt and dead skin cells making the pore cleaner and skin turns so much softer after that. I love this little baby!

Price: RM7.90 at Guardian as well

Alright..this green packet stuff I haven open it yet and haven use it. I just bought this just now. It is a facial sponge made from bamboo charcoal. I was quite interested with it so I bought this. My facial sponges still ok but it's turning to be quite old now so I got a new one. This little black sponge claims can cleanse and strengthen the skin. Just hope it reali does.

Price: RM5 at Black Queen, Wangsa Walk Mall.

I'll post a review next time after I use this sponge. =) But the Toner and's reali great! Love it!

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