Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I went out with besties in KL..Oh due to my stupid assignments I met them quite late. Chia Wen came on Fri but I only got to see her on Sun..Bad fren la me..SOrry CW! Haha...we went out to MidValley and went to Zanmai Sushi at The Garden! Yummy

Besties FOrever

It's been like ages since I last posted something here. Urgghhh...Tonnes of assignments and lab reports to finish up. And presentations to do. I hate it so so much. Making me no time to take good care of myself [my skin especially]. This makes my skin looks dull and not radiant at all. Well I dun hav radiant skin but those stress makes me look more dull. ='( Sad! But I pampered myself with this Skin Food Papaya Yogurt Wash-Off Mask. I've tried this once and I was amazed by it! The mask makes my skin softer and hydrated after using it. It didn't leave my skin tightened after rinsing it off, as it didn't absorb the sebum on my face. It smells YUMMY too! It's a great mask..I'm going to try for few times more before I give another review here!

Small cute tub of the mask! [Price: RM28]
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