Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hoping to Heal my SKIN

Hello people. I remembered that I mention about my distress over my skin the past week and now I wanna say I'm glad that my skin has improved after a week of using oatmeal to cleanser my skin in the morning and using a gentle cleanser. =)

I'm happy to share with u my routine. Haha..morning cleanse with oatmeal and at night using gentle cleanser. Every time after shower, I will moisturize right away using Ego's QV Lotion. It's a lotion formulated for dry and sensitive skin. After a week of using this moisturizer, skin is smoother and more hydrated of course..

Now, I also purchased a gentle cleanser for skin which is
from the famous brand Cetaphil. I've just used this cleanser for two days and I can tell that it's very gentle and does not dry my skin at all even after I pat my face dry..=) nice and soothing. Cool thing is it does not foam up at all.. =) Gentle for even baby's skin. So I will try for some time see how is it for real.. but it has made my skin less red and obviously healthier..=)

The bad thing now is that the QV lotion has actually expired. OMG. I just saw it. It belongs to my mum and she doesn't aware of the expiry date. Now that the lotion has half of it left, I got no idea to continue using or get a new one.. =.="

But I will give Cetaphil cleanser a few more days trial and if it's really improve my skin, then I might as well get their lotion as well..Gentle stuff always care more for our skin..I begin to believe it now..!!!


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