Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well I've neglected my blog for a long time again. Forgive me. Lolz.

There are just too much things to share here in my blog. I'll put this like a diary then. Back to my life here the whole last week. Last week was kinda tiring because I work whole week at grocery shop. Sunday although is a holiday but then at home I still have to help out at home. =( A lot to do and it's really tiring. Working at the grocery shop is an interesting job because I get to hear so many gossips and things happening around my hometown, and also in Malaysia.

Another cool thing is that I can play and work at the same time. There'a a cat named Lucky at the shop and she loves to play hide and seek with me. But she always managed to make me jump while we're trying to peep at each other. We also run around the shop. It always started off with having me chasing after her, but slowly it appears that she's chasing me after a few rounds of marathon. Lolz. Sh'e so cute and adorable..=) Next time I can consider a cat as a pet..

Another thing was, last week I broke out like hell. My face was red, painful and covered with huge and small pimples especially on my cheeks, temple and forehead. It was very painful and sucky because I couldn't help but to touch it, and it made things worse. I suspected that the cleanser sample I got together when I purchased my toner, was a culprit to the breakout because before I used it, my face was ok but after that my face turned into a disaster. Now that I've stopped using it, my skin actually clearer now and no more massive breakouts. =) Thanks god..I cleanse with a gentle cleanser as I read from the net, gentle products actually work best for all skin type and those with acne and pimples. So I cleanse once daily with gentle cleanser and in the morning with oatmeal....Oatmeal? Yes u din read wrongly, I use oatmeal to cleanse my skin every morning now. It makes my skin glow and hydrated. Best is, it's cheap and not harmful at all because it's food that we take in..doesn't have much chemical...I got this idea from Bubzbeauty..check her out too! =) She made awesome makeup, hair and skincare tutorials..

Ok till next time..bye

And take care...


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