Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated skin routine

My previous posts mentioned that I had terrible skin with many breakouts and scars. It was super depressing and I switched my skin care routine to something else to calm the breakouts. Like for example I cleanser using oatmeal every morning to help reduce the amount of chemicals on my face from ordinary cleanser. And it really calmed the skin down as it does not have lots chemicals but just oats! =) Gentle enough for my skin and hydrates it.

As for night time, I cleanse using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Well, put aside already my other cleansers. All of them were not as good as this baby here! =) Cetaphil cleanser is so so so gentle, perfect for all skin types and problem skin like acne and eczema. Now using this for about two weeks already and so far so good as it doesn't irritate my skin and pimples at all but somehow calmed it down. Skin slowly improving now.! Yeah! It's totally different from other cleansers I used b4 this as it doesn't clog pores, mild, hydrating, and does not foam up. Which in other words it cleanses the skin without striping the moisture from the skin, so skin is supple and hydrated after wash!

Babies that improved my skin condition lately: Oxy Blemish Control Moisturizer, Simple's Soothing Toner, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Oxy 10, and Cetaphil Cleanser

Next baby here is the cetaphil moisturizing lotion which I use it as my daily moisturizer already. It's very light and runny (which means more water than oil in it). It's also not comedogenic (will not clog pores = won't cause breakouts). Give ***** to it.. The very first time I used this was terrible as I apply the normal amount that I use, and it cause my skin so oily. It's over moisturizing my skin and making it so oily and I broke out. Then, I stopped using it and slowly adjusted the amount to half of the normal amount I used, and surprisingly, it absorb so quickly and not oily at all...=) Makes my skin so soft and hydrated all day..I couldn't believe it. After that day, my skin started to improve and I can see it's glowing, and not because of oil, but because my skin is so moisturized after using this! Yay! Found something that works so well now..Happy!

Owh, skin happy I'm happy too! I know I spent alot on products but all is because I can't find something that can stick to my skin long enough and doesn't give me significant results..but I do hope that something simple and gentle like what I'm using now can make me stick to it forever! Hopefully!


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