Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, August 1, 2009

PC Fair 2009 at KLCC

Today I went to PC Fair with my bf and it was my very first time there. Wow..the place is reali "people mountain people sea"..Und? Meaning alot people. Haha..Translate to Cantonese you'll understand. Haha..Well, the first time experience was great though. It was a lot of people, crowded and I felt very suffocated. I enjoyed but at the same time I kept an eye on my belongings. Haha..Too many people dangerous too as those 'people' might 'panjang tangan' le. U noe le, so many people buying all sorts of expensive computer accessories, surely these 'people' are in a good chance to perform their job. Haha..Anyway. the place was awesome. Every stall or counter were like racing to get most business. The promoters were standing all the way, handing over brochers and promoting their products and promotions. Some even followed as around. Crazy. Not to forget too, many sexy and pretty girls promoting as well..Surely they were paid at high salary for it. Some even dressed up like little girl, with high boots and mini skirt, and with 2 ponytail by the side of their head. Haha. Today after walked for a long time, after searched for the things I wanted..finally I bought a 8GB Kingston Pendrive, a 4port USB port and my MP3 earphone. Besides that, the celcom broadband is undergoing promotion, and I subscribed to it. Spent RM 317 for it. Hehe..But worth it. Hehe..OH..I felt happy to buy the things that I've always wanted.

My ear phone

Celcom braodband modem

8GB pendrive

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