Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logo Design Again!

As exam is over, it's time to update my blog again. Hehe. Yesterday was the last day of exam. Today I fall sick. Haiz. FLU..God..Sneeze non stop till afternoon. Even when I was buying my lunch, the 'dilute' mucus was flowing down thru my nostrils. YUCKS. And I felt kinda san fu. Need to take my food and also make sure the mucus didn't drip out. Hehe. Sucks. Well last week or last two weeks? I had black pepper chicken chop rice. YUMMY! Let's c carefully. Doesn't the arrangement looks like a face? The baked beans is the 'hair'. Chicken chop is the mouth and the egg and rice are the eyes. Haha..Ermm..Forget the chilli bottle..Hehe..

Then just now designed logo for Ambang UKM 40's T-shirt. I designed it b4 exam but it was sucks seriously. This time it's much more nicer [I feel]. =D. Perasan le..

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