Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Update Update! long for the emo emo post before this. There were some misunderstandings and miscommunications between my love and me. MUST try to improve it and make things better..Hope he's willing to talk bck to me..K..Just to upload some pictures..

Me..Going to take brother's UPSR results

The seahorse watergun I got for beloved 'HeongHeong'

Crocodile..HeongHeong's most wanted item

Today I fried fish!!!!
The product!
Went to watch NEW MOON with my best friends..It was a so so movie le..But not bad..Em..after finishing the movie we went to shop wif WaiLeng..Oh god! Be kuli [juz joking]..Carry her stuff for her..Walked til patah kaki di! Sob2...='( But stil..I got to try a nice red dress..Very nice but too short! Haiz..And expensive..! RM49..Hehe..We ate at FOOD n TEA HONG KONG restaurant. The food kinda nice and the set lunch was ok! I din take any picture coz too hungry to do so..No energy..! LOL. Wen I was devouring the dessert, WaiLeng added some of her green apple tea juice into my 'Guai Lin Gou' tasted kinda good actually! I had fun wif my friends..They were the one that I talked to most bout my problems...and gave me lots of advice and opinions..THKS GURLS! I LOVE U ALL..Come bck we meet again k? Bless all of u!

The dress that I tried on

The 'Turtle Jelly' with green apple tea juice

Joan, ChiaWen, Jyn Ling..My pals!

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