Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

8 steps easy-to-prepare Pork chop!

Promised to update recipe of pork chop in black pepper sauce rite? Here it is, enjoy *grin*

Pork chop in black pepper sauce


  • Pork meat [sliced into desired thickness, roughly about half inches]

  • Oyster sauce *

  • Sugar *

  • Salt *

  • Ready made Black pepper sauce [ I prefer Lee Kum Kee's]

  • Water

  • Onion sliced [amount depends on individual]

  • Mix vegetables [optional]

  • Corn flour

  • Oil

  • Garlic, chopped finely

P/S: * are to marinade the meat

Cooking method:

  1. First marinade the pork meat with oyster sauce, salt and sugar. Mix everything well and leave for at least 30 minutes. Amount of marinade depends on the amount of meat you're making. So pandai-pandai adjust k?

  2. Then, heat up your wok with moderate amount of oil. When it is hot, put in your meat slice by slice to cook it. Cook one side then another.

  3. When it's done, set aside and drain from excess oil.

  4. To prepare the sauce, heat up the wok and saute some garlic till it's fragrant. Then add in the sliced onion and mix vege if desired

  5. When the ingredients turn softer, add in black pepper sauce and mix well. Add in some water to dilute the thick sauce and some salt and sugar to taste. Let it simmer till boil.

  6. Mean while, prepare the corn stock by mixing corn flour and some water.

  7. To thickened the sauce, slowly pour in the corn stock while the other hand stiring the sauce. Stop pouring when the sauce turns to ur desired consistency.

  8. Lastly, scoop up the sauce and pour on top of your pork chop..There u go! Easy pork chop..ready to meltz in your mouth.

Makan makan..enjoy :)

More recipes coming- Salted egg chicken and lemon chicken

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