Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beautiful hair

You want beautiful, shinny, healthy hair?? I bet everyone wants their hair that way ^_^

I came across a tip in the internet saying using coconut other words hair mask for beautiful n smooth hair. I've tried this hair mask for like 2 times a week, and for nearly a month..And the real result is, my hair is so much smoother and softer. You can try it out and the result will be great..It's a promise! You'll get to save money for real good results. *grin* Coconut milk is cheap by the way! LOLZ

@ Here's what you need for your coconut milk hair mask:
  • Coconut milk [any brand will do, use thick coconut best]

  • Shower cap
  • Clean towel

  1. Now, what you can do is first, you need to cover ur upper body with towel before apply the mask on ur hair..I said up there to use thick coconut milk best is because it's easier to apply thick coconut milk on your hair, compared to those fresh or diluted coconut milk. ^^. You can first buy the coconut milk from the market and let it exposed for few days in the fridge until it turns out to b nearly solid type. This type will be the best as it will not drip from your hair when you're having this hair mask

    *Pls DO NOT use fresh coconut milk as there might contain impurities like coconut flesh and fibers which makes it harder to clean after that

  2. Having the towel on your upper body is to prevent the coconut milk from being dripped on you shirt ^^..Ok! Now get ready your coconut milk...READY?
  3. Apply the coconut milk on your dry, unwashed hair gently [ be careful with the drippings}Then, put on your shower cap and then wrap with towel
  4. You can apply heat to your hair by blowing with as much heat that you can endure, or leaving it for an hour or more
  5. Then, rinse your hair till it's clean

  6. You may then wash your har with shampoo and conditioner if you use it

**Coconut milk hair mask**

Happy trying :)

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