Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Future plans

My baby told me that he's planning to further study for master program in UK. Depends on the financial condition on the family. When I first found out about the plan I was pretty sad because I wasn't told straight from him. Well, he said haven't really decide yet so I wasn't told. Now that I found out I was sad because we've planned so much to having holiday together after he is back from UK in October, but then suddenly he wanted to continue study for another year which means I have to wait here alone till next year for him to be back. Just feel so scared because in such long distance and time can make things change.. nobody can guarantee anything...feel so scared...

But today he told me that I'm part of his future plans. He wanted to have a future with me and if he were to really study and eventually get a job in UK, he wants me to be there with him. I asked him how important I am and he said I'm the most important to him. I wanted to know it because I'm afraid to wait him back and in the end I mean nothing much to him. If he meant what he said, then I will wait for him to come bck after a year, or in the case of really settling down in UK, I may be going off there to be with him- if nothing happened...i wish everything will be fine and we will always together..

Hoping and wishing it well...=)
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