Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, February 24, 2012

Boring like hell!

Today is Friday and weekend is just around the corner..I've been waiting so long for can see my expression.. This morning there won't be any class so I have to wait until afternoon to attend the discussion session at UKMMC (UKM Medical Center) But I have nothing much to do today. Perhaps I will read something after posting this..

Ermm... What I wanna say somemore? Ok..I'm gonna graduate soon this year. The good thing is that I will be ending my study life misery soon but the bad thing is moving into more stressful working life. Graduation is the border to the working life. Now that I've gone through one semester of training in UKMMC, I have a rough idea of how working life really is and I come out with one conclusion: Stressful and dull life! WTF!

I think I do miss the study time in my faculty especially is first and second year. That time I still get to hang out with my nutrition friend, Keh Len. But now, we rarely meet each other.. All I have with me is Jeremy and William as my close buddies and partner. To be honest, these are my close unimates and I always think that I'm lucky to make some close friends where ever I go..

I don't like making too much friends because it will be so freaking troublesome to attend so many outings and celebrations with so many different peoples. I will only care and 'layan' people or friends that I think they are my close friends and they worth it.. Compare to my darling, I think I am way much luckier because I have made many friends that are really my 'zhi gei' instead of 'zhu pang gao yao'. Whereas my darling he only has a few friends. We have different personality I guess. He can survive without friends but I can't. =) I think friends are someone we know and can share problems together. But best and super close friends are those that will stand by us, supporting us without any repay for it. I have these friends. My besties are in them..and also my matrix mates: Bass Ooi, Chau Wei and unimates: Jeremy, William, Keh Len... 

I want to say TQ to all these buddies and friends for being with me, helping me supporting me when I have problems.. I really appreciate you all.. and to be honest, there is not expiry date to our friendship. My friend Keh Len said after graduation, our friendship will end and it has an expiry date. I was very hurt and sad to hear that. When I made a close friendship with someone, I mean it to last long and will never forget them or let it end just like that..I appreciate every friend I made...mean it..!

Ok...time to get ready for my class later..


Lai Peng

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