Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, February 3, 2012

My 23 years old Birthday

Yesterday 2nd Feb was my birthday and I am officially is 23 years old this year. Sound so old OMG! My family celebrated my birthday in Ipoh and we had home made steambot. Since we were celebrating at home, with my grandmothers, so we had the steambot dinner at our living room..

We had all the tables and burner set up around 6.30pm.

Beverages for dinner

Em...The food we had for steambot

My mum's expert dish- Tomato La-La

Steamed chicken (dad's favorite)

I was having fun playing with eggs...

The steambot dishes..Having lots of fish balls, meat balls, prawns, fish fillets, hotdogs, veges and ham...

Emmm...Yum Yum..the food is cooking already

My family enjoying the steambot

Birthday is nothing without birthday cake right? Especially for me..I love CAKES...all sort of cakes..This year my birthday cake is a chocolate sponge cake. Pretty cheap, cost about RM18 for 500g cake. Surprisingly, I picked the cake, and I went to take the cake as well. I was like..really celebrating my birthday myself..LOL

How beautiful my cake is

This is Miss Peng Peng @ Pig SSing with her birthday cake..

Make a wish...and blow blow

Cut cut cut.. I wan a big piece myself..Yummm...

This year birthday without my JC. Sobz..I was pretty sad at first, but nvm, I will be seeing him soon.. I can't wait to see him again and celebrate my birthday again!


Lai Peng

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