Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friendship that never ends

I met up with besties not long ago during our CNY and our beloved Chia Wen took so many pictures of us together. It's obvious that she wanted to keep those pictures as a memory before she leaves Ipoh end of 2012. It's saddening because we've used so many years to keep our friendship strong and now she will be leaving us soon. Our dear Wai Leng will be furthering study in Singapore and so, this will make us all really separated kilometerssss away..I tried to calm myself and my besties. I believe that although we all have been separated for many years since high school, we still keep the friendship on until now. With Wai Leng, I've known her since standard 3, Jyn Ling in standard 4 and Chia Wen in secondary school. Our friendship have lasted for more than 5 years and even more than 10 years. I believe that it can even last forever..

Here are my beloved Ipoh besties (Jyn Ling, Chia Wen, Wai Leng). They've been my true friend, soul mate and buddies for so long. They lend me their ears each time I poured out all my misery and difficulties during our gathering. They listened to everything I said..Seriously.. I love them so much. They give me support and advice for just anything..They laugh with me but never cry with me b4..LOL..

Ok My besties is reading this post for sure and I'm just gonna say out what I really feel about them.

TO: Chia Wen,

Dear girl, my heart was aching that moment when I saw u dropped some tears at Jyn Ling's house when mentioned about your transfer to Penang. Girl, you said that after you've moved, you are a stranger to Ipoh. You must not think that way. Yes, you come back will no longer staying in Ipoh, but you are always part of Ipoh. All your secondary memories are in Ipoh and our friendship started in Ipoh too..It's sad to leave everything behind, but all those are just physically. Mentally, all memories will be with you no matter where you go. Though we may not be meeting often after you've moved, but believe me, our friendship will never end. It never, the distance can make us all stronger.. Chia Wen, you must be strong k? Everything will be just fine...Think positively k? We love you and will miss u. In the mean time, we try to spend as much time together as possible..Contact us if we happen to be back Ipoh again!

TO: Jyn Ling,

Dear darling, you've been the closest to me in Ipoh among our besties. You stay too near me and makes it so convenient for me to reach you when we're in Ipoh. I appreciate the time you gave me going out shopping and WALKING all the way from Kampung Simee to Jusco. Tiring, but when we're together, I just love that moment with you. You've been my listener for just everything. I appreciate the time you supported me during my breakup with JC.. You let me shed my tears with you that time. How ugly that I cried so badly to you. But, TQ! Without your support, I would be still crying back then. You cheered me up so much..TQ..I love u girl

TO: Wai Leng,

Dear Sor Po, to be honest I think you are a lucky girl. We all born in different family background. You've been a very funny and happy-go-lucky girl all these time. When be with you, time will always be fun and happy. But one thing I'm really worry for you is that, your life has been really easy all these time. I wanted to scold you when you told me you wanna study again. Everybody start working, you still wanna continue study and be burden to family. Sorry to be so honest. I think is because your family can support your study and don't mind at all. But you must study hard k? Don't make ur parents worry for you. I think when things go so smoothly, it's not a good thing. You must learn to be strong and not to be too naive about things k? No matter what you do, think twice and justify it..TQ for being a happy fruit all these time..I love u

Last but not least, I wan to say TQ for being a loyal and supportive besties ever.. I love you all... Promise me to be strong and take good care k? I don't want to be your dietitian in the future..


Lai Peng

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