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Love, Family & Food

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks

Good day everyone. Today is another post on review about two of my favorite facial masks. These two masks is my favorite since few years back. I stopped using these masks for some time as I could not find it anywhere in KL or even in Ipoh. But last week I accidentally came across it on the shelf in Carrefour Kepong Baru. I was excited and could not stop asking "Why I couldn't find these for so long? And now it is available back in Malaysia?" I quickly grabbed two of the masks that I love from this brand: Freeman. You can check out their product website here: Freeman

As you can see, here is the two types of facial mask that I bought. The left one is Avocado and Oatmeal mask, and the other one is Pineapple Enzyme mask. These two cost about RM18++ each and they both has different function and consistency. Both of these works pretty well for me and I just LOVE them. The products used to be in local pharmacies but last year, I could not find it anywhere. Currently, I can only see these masks in Carrefour Kepong, but not in local pharmacies. Using facial mask is crucial in a skin care routine and I personally prefer tube type or tub type of mask. I find that it is more cost effective and longer lasting compared to those sheet mask. Of course sheet masks are way more convenient and better in hygiene aspect, but I prefer masks that can be spread onto the face... ^^

The yellow tube is the Pineapple Enzyme mask. What so special about this mask is that it contains abundant AHA or alpha hydroxy acids which can help to loosen the 'glue' that attaches our dead skin cells onto our skin, So, removing the glue with AHA can remove the dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer, brighter and smoother. Personally, I find this mask good for those people with a lot of dead skin cells or dry flaky skin. This can remove the dead cells and prevent clogging of the pores which can lead to pimples or blackheads. As you can see below, this is how the enzyme mask looks like. It's gooey, yellowish, and smells great too..It dries off pretty fast on skin and when you rinse this off, use your finger tips to slowly massage you skin with the mask to remove the dead skin cells...I find it works well this way.

Next, is the green tube mask: Avocado and Oatmeal mask. Avocado is a fruit which is rich in good fatty acids and oatmeal is an anti inflammatory food. Both key ingredient work for skin care purpose and even for health benefit. This mask is a clay mask in general and clay mask works well to draw out impurities, oil and dirt from our pores. With this property, this mask is good for oily skin and people with many clogged pores as it can clear the pores to prevent clogging. Thus, preventing blackheads and pimples. I love this mask, mainly is because it has oatmeal in it. You know how much I love oatmeal for my skin and nowadays I've stopped cleansing with oatmeal, my skin turned out to be really bad again. Time to use oats again for cleansing...Top up with mask too.! The mask looks like cement-colored paste and it dries up quickly too..

Using a mask is important and usually I use these two masks once a week for different purpose and to treat my skin more.. Aside from normal routine, exfoliating and doing facial mask can keep your skin healthy.. When your skin healthy, you will feel happy too...

So, be patient with your skin and not to rush for the pimples to be gone asap, because, this will trigger you naughty hands and fingers to touch it and make things worse..

So bare in is not just on the surface, but also skin deep.. Eat well, sleep well and drink lots of water daily. Follow your skin routine and be patient with your skin...

Happy Pampering Your Skin


Lai Peng
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