Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, June 25, 2011

End of the week

Today is saturday and is pretty sad that the end of the week is reaching soon...really tired today.
Got back from work at grocery shop and pretty tired again as usual...stand the hunger till 2pm plus before I can take my own

Reach home took a good shower and felt fresh again...took my lunch [tapao food] and I went online to check on my emails and FB. Got no messages and I've expected that. What to do, he and I also don't know is it having cold war or not..Sobz...Sad also no still have to move on...working does makes me feel drifted away and drag my mind off from thinking about's true that loving someone can be really painful and suffocating...and people always says why so suffering also want to get involved? I also don't know how to answer...u love someone that's why u will have to go through the bad times of arguments, cold wars and accepting someone that has different character and perceptions from yours...thats why love can be suffering too...

I wanna sleepppp...dunwan think...dunwan wake up....time pls stop at the happy moments only...sobzzz

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