Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strawberry delight

Lately I've been loving strawberry so much. Last 2 days I bought this strawberry pack from Carrefour and it was so huge and red. It tastes sweet as well, so different from the previous pack I got there by different company. And I notice there is one strawberry with a Heart cute!

I made my strawberry yogurt mask...And this is the best homemade mask I made after the Outmeal yogurt mask. I apply this mask daily and seriously my skin problem has improved lots. The great remedies are from Bubzbeauty, great thanks to her my skin has improved so smooth now with less breakout!

I know the mask looks like disgusting paste but believe me it's very nourishing for our delicate skin! I truly love this masque...the oatmeal yogurt mask is great as well..Believe me both mask can be used on daily basis as they both contain natural ingredients and will not be harsh for our skin, unless u hav allergy with any one the ingredients in the mask recipe...

I hav this cute strawberry hair band as well...cute thing and I use it to tie up my longer hair hav grown longer and messy I tie it up with this cute, red hair band!


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