Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My new gel liner!

Yipee finally I managed to buy myself the gel eye liner that I've always wanted. I wanted the Mabelline Long Lasting Studio Eye Liner but I didn't get it. It's reali very pricey for a 2.8g tub (RM39.90 in local pharmacies Watson and Guardian). So I went to Cosway to check out their gel liner. To my surprise it's cheaper compared to Mabelline and the tub is larger: 5g and the price is only Rm25 for non-member price. It comes with a little brush, which is quite nice and sturdy. But I bought another angle brush from Black Queen (price: RM3). I love this brush coz it's small and it's really soft!! I'll post a review after I've used the liner! Yay

The angle brush from Black Queen (KMS)

See how black the colour is? It is available in brown and black shade but I prefer black more coz it will make the eye larger. I wanted to try gel liner coz it's like better than liquid and pencil liner. Since both of my old liner is finishing I guess I will try this new type of liner. I need to get some practise as well on the lining technique using a brush!

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