Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Me and Bro

Me and Youngest bro

Dad n Me

The first picture and the forth picture were taken at the KuanYin's cave back in Ipoh. My brother is 13 this year but he appear to be my elder brother rite? Coz he's taller than me di. Time flies. Hehe. Last time he was short and chubby now he is thin, tall and good looking. Haha. Then, my dad. he's the most caring and loving dad ever met. Hehe. From young till now, he never laid his hand on me. Even scold also never. He never punish me or what. He loves me a lot and I can feel it. I used to be very close to him but then he was not so tolerable when I said wanted to have a bf last time. But as time passes, he begins to accept him. Good. Hehe..Then, the second picture was taken back in Sunway Ipoh. He's my youngest brother, aged 11 this year. Big gap huh 19 and 11. Hehe. Well this brother really head strong. Hard to teach him and very noti. 'kik sei' my parents. He has weird hobbies but cant share here coz I sked talk bad bout him. But he's cute actually. Then, the lady is my lovely mother. The one that loves me alot too..Though I always tease her that she misses me whenever she called, and she said no, I'm sure she does loves me and misses me. I love her too. And I love my family alot. Besides bf, they also have the highest place in my heart. =) Cherish ur family my friends. No one closer to u other than ur family. Cheers!

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