Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mum came to KL

Cousins Rox!!
Mum at KFC

Me n Cousin..

Well this event happened last month. It was long time ago. Mum came over to visit me. Main reason..em I also not very sure. It was either to see me coz miss me alot she said, just to see my lovely college. Haha..I guess she wants to see me. Hehe..Okok. She came and we stayed at uncle's house. Then we went to KLCC. Took alot picture. Went to use those Japanese picture machine. Wa..those damn costy le. Next time when girls especially, grabbed u to take picture there dun go. Reali expensive. Haha. But it was fun le. Crazy oni. Haha. N my cousins forced me to put make up. AHHHH. Ish I never really like to put make up. Always look like ghost only. Haha. Em..but the part I enjoy most was walking around Sungai Wang to try clothes and shoes. Haha. Then went to KFC to eat. Yummy. I love Zinger alot!!! Yes..=P Here are pictures took whole day..I miss those moment..
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