Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Dinner

My semester break is long enough for me to spend maximum time with my family. I love my family...all of them because without them, there will never be Leong Lai Peng. There will never be ME!. My family is the one that shapes me to who I am today. i'm proud to say that without my parents, there won't be me. In the past, I did many wrong things and my mother wanted to send me to the officers for me to face the legal act. Due to love, I was given a chance to change and be better and I am now. I will never forget what happened back then..I must thank my mum and dad for protecting me by being stern and firm with their parenting skill... If they go easy on me and spoil me, then I might ended up being in jail already..TQ Mie, TQ Ba

My brother! Younger not elder brother k? Hehe... Closest to me among my siblings.

My mum! She's really a tough lady and without her, I will never be able to back to the right path!

I will try my best to be better person! Will not make my parents worry!

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