Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pampering my hair

Life everyday is full of stress and weather itself is hot and depressing me..My skin and hair turning more dull as I've been really busy with studies and work. Stress coupled with lack of attention towards my skin and hair made my appearance turned to a massive terrible state..UGLY and DULL! Lolz.. Depressing!

Today I take a short break to pamper my hair a little. My hair is a little longer now than my previous short hair. The curls are getting less obvious = dull and messy hair if I do not apply hair moisturizer. Haiz.. My hair mask is made by simple ingredients; olive oil and coconut milk. Simple remedy but it really helps to make hair stronger and shinny. Previously I used this hair mask quite frequent and my hair was at its best state that time..

Now I must take a break from work and pamper myself. When my hair is healthy, my physical appearance will improve, so confidence higher and I will be much better and happy to face study again! Yay

Simply mix appropriate amount of coconut milk with 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil. Mix evenly and apply the hair mask carefully. Believe me, the mask is LIQUID so it will get pretty messy if u don't apply on ur hair properly. And I will tie my hair to a little bun after apply the mask and cover my hair with a shower cap!

Taadaa! This is how I look after putting on the shower cap..[Maybe some of you are wondering how do I look with shower cap..=D]

Happy reading, trying, pampering and take good care

Much loves,


( I think this name is nice with my chinese name. What do u think?!)
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