Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stationary and Beauty Haul

Today went out with besty Jyn Ling..yay! And we purchased some products and stuff that we wanted. This girl wanted to buy a pair of shoes but currently Jusco is not having great promotions so she gave up her wish.. But for me I manage to buy some items that I really need this month.. As I said before that study is in the mood, so I purchased some stationery like pens, highlighters and sticky flags for noting chapters in my note book
Been really stress lately with work and my studies so can imagine what happened to my skin. Lolz...breaking out like hell especially at my temple and jawline.. Terrible.. Treating it making my skin dry as well.. So many dead skin cells. Wanna remove it but using ordinary scrub can be very harsh on my skin. I searched online and found that using tool like facial cleansing pad and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) product can help to remove dead skin cells more effectively than ordinary scrub. So I purchased a cheap facial cleansing pad from Jusco (RM2.90). This little tool can help to effectively clean ur face and I've tested it out just now. It's very gentle and after rinsing, I can feel skin so much softer...^_^

I also bought this cheap AHA/BHA cleanser by Hada Labo. Well, Cetaphil working well and gentle but since that lately been having a lot dead skin cells, and I don't want to hurt my skin by using harsh scrub, I think this can help my skin out. This cleanser is claimed to be able to clean ur skin from dead skin cells and reveal soft skin like hard boiled egg (tamago). And I like it. I used it with the cleansing pad just now, and skin really soft after rinsing...Pimples are less red too! =) Cost bout RM16 for 50g and I use just a little of it so I guess it's cost effective as it's not expensive and works. But still I need to put a little time to test this for longer time..

Skin happy happy!

This video kinda helpful...Happy watching
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