Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, August 15, 2011

Besties Again!

Yohoo! Outing with besties was a success! And we met for few hours! Though short but we had great time talking and laughing! We've known for so many years. Especially Wai Leng and Jyn Ling, we have known for 11years. Chia Wen a little shorter. But friendship is not measured by how long we've known but how well we can get along and the close relationship that is shared with sincerity, love and caring for each other. I do cherish our friendship. U all have been with me to listen to my troubles and always shared problems with me! I love u girls! See u all again soon!

Introducing two of my besties! Wai Leng & Chia Wen! Owh...Jyn Ling is the Camera-Girl!

Now, introducing the July birthday girl. Haiz..So sorry for the delay of your birthday celebration. Sorry girl! Hope u enjoyed the cakes and lunch!

Next is Ms. Chia Wen. She'll be moving to Penang soon. Will surely miss her lots..='(

Now, this is ME! With the DIY shirt I made last week! I find this so cute! Besties agreed that this shirt is cute too!

Seeing me holding the Secret Recipe menu holder, it means we were at SR!! Cakes time!!! Yay!

Jyn Ling's Espresso Cheese! Yummy! I think the Espresso fragrant is just too good! If u wanna get the good calories and also stand the night out to study, this is a good option! Snack and coffee together!

My Hazel Cheese. The hazelnuts are just too delicious! Provides me with omega-3 and 6!

Miss Ngeaw @ Meow's Green Tea Cheese! It's rich with green tea which is a good antioxidant! Good choice girl! U can stay 18 like u always said! Lol

Chia Wen's favourite Banana Chocolate cake! OMG! It's huge! Banana is rich is potassium which can help to maintain ur blood pressure at the normal range! Chocolate can makes u happy too! Wise choice again!

Wish to meet u girls again! So do comment below to arrange the outing again b4 i go bck KL next months k? Love u girls!

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