Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, August 29, 2011

Preparation for NEW SEM!

Finally finished my pocket book. Well not 100% pocket-fitting book. I don't think it can fit into my lab coat..Sucks.! people say how you write or decorate your book represents your character. True? But to me I love to make my books colorful and I usually use color pencils, highlighters and draw to represent information and classify info so that it's easy to understand!

Worst part this semester break is study study and study. Finished the notes but, whole lot more Clinical Practice Guidelines to read. These are guideline for management of diseases based on the clinical trails and research done to evaluate how well certain treatment and management for the disease..Different disease has different guidelines.. I've just started with Hypertension and it has 40+ pages. I'm not even halfway through! Sucks!

OMG, how am I gonna SURVIVE this last 2 weeks studying such boring stuff??? Sobz..Die!

Erm..ok check list for stuff to prepare for new Sem:

1. Food checklist (DONE)
2. Lab coat (DONE)
3. New shoes and clothes (DONE)
4. Pocket book (DONE)
5. Equipment (90% DONE)
6. Read CPG (<50% DONE)

Must ganbateh for No.6...Go go go!!

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