Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worth the Money!

Like I said b4 I've spent so so much to buy skin care products. Luckily my baby boy didn't nag me to stop buying..Lolz..I purchase something after I've done my research of the information about the product and also the good review of it. Previously I was so keen to buy so many different products all because I can't get a product that can help my skin. The main problem is always breakout and pimples. When I was younger the pimples were very severe compared to now..But at the age of 22 now, I still get pimples. Most of my friends and college mates at this age are having clean and clear skin. Kinda jealous sometimes. I understand everyone is different and better off not to compare but I believe those that suffer from severe acne problem will understand how I feel. It's very annoying to see spots when you look into the mirror and even not pimples, things like blackheads and white heads and blocked pores are equally irritating because when I touch my face I feel the bumps...when I'm out in the sun, the redness and spots will be more obvious and this makes me feel so ashamed to look at people...[afraid they will be looking at my face and say..what's wrong with ur skin?!]...

Though my Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion are great [as review b4 this Cetaphil], but the lotion is just a basic moisturizer and humid weather here in Malaysia makes my skin oily after 3 hours..Oily skin = acne prone skin..which makes me so easily breakout...NO LIKEY! =(..Plus, the lotion not suitable for day use especially when I go out and exposed to sun.. (UV RAYS!!!)..
Do you know that UV rays can damage our skin and makes us age faster?! So I need to look for another moisturizer that has SPF to protect the UV rays..

I heard from besty Jyn Ling, Olay products are good and deliver what they promise..She's a loyal user of Olay Cleanser and I'd decided to try the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Ageing Cream with SPF 15. I'd done reading about this product b4 purchasing it. At first I was doubting as I was so afraid that it might makes my skin oily. I've used so many drug-store moisturizer and non of it can make my skin 'normal', most of it makes my skin super oily..Some cause breakouts..some not moisturizing, some over moisturizing...

I went to Tesco the other day and passed by the pharmacy counter and saw the Olay is on promotion...It's RM10 cheaper than the one in Watson..OMG so much cheaper and I couldn't stand it, I bought one bottle at RM29.00. I've used for 5 days now..and I can notice that my skin not so oily and it doesn't make my skin oily like other products I've used. AMAZING! Now, my pimples are healing as new breakouts so far.. Thank GOD! Phew...I will continue to use this and see is it really good for long term usage! Wish me luck!


I picked the one for gentle as I think gentle products will not harm skin...less chemical = skin loves! =)
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