Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, March 16, 2009

JPD Coursenite 2009

Jeremy Se Chee Heeeeee!

KangKang n Me

WahPeng, Me, Catherine, Kehlen

LaiMei, MeiXin, KarHau, Me

Me, MunYan, LeongChuan. PeiRui

Susan, Me, ChunLi, KehLen

ZhuWei, Me, HengYue

Petrina, SiewFen, AhChai, Me

KehLen, William, Me

PeiRui, MunYan, Me

Wiiliam and I

Siew Fen, Me, KehLen

2 days ago, which was on Saturday, JPD first year students had our first course nite. At first I was hesitating whether going or not. But in the end I went. I never regret goin because it was fun. Ok let me share wif u all the progress of it. Since I just jogged and damn hot to go bathe. Haha. Ok...the coursenite reali a stress to everyone from JPD in the beginning. We had to plan out the performance. Em..there were 4 performances from first year. Spanish dance, singing, drama and also fashio show. Firstly, the dancing. Haha. I never expect guys to join at first but 3 of them did and this dance was splendid. Too bad I didn't take any video. If not should upload it here. Then the singing. A lot songs were sang but then the most crazy and captured my attention was William n Kar Hau. That song was from Miriam and they sang till damn emo lo. Haha..couldn't stop laughing. Then Kok Hau also not bad. Walaueh..the voice like JJ oni. Haha..damn geng lo. Then the fashio show. nid say the all models are sexy, and pretty girls. The theme of fashio show was recycling items. Very 'chun' one. Haha. Then performance. I act as Pikachu lo. The drama was bout fairy tale. And I was the Pikachu, in skirt that day. No costume. Imagine. Haha..wen my turn was up, I yelled..Pika-Pikapi-Pikachu..then the seniors were like laughing down there, so embarrassing. Sob2..paiseh le..Haha..but it was fun. I enjoyed. I went ot bf hse after that. More enjoy.
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