Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday Had College's Makan Malam

Lee Fang, Me, Cher Linn

Enlarge this Pic..Surely funny..c the Guy at the corner?

This pic I love most..Look Thin di!!

JPD girls..All nutri except ME!!!

William, Me, Kehlen

KehLen, Sandra, Me

Debate Team of UKM..except me DAMN BORED yest! The function at first was quite nice. But then as time passed, I was getting more annoyed coz my stomach was growling, than, then stupid M came and said our table was reserved for them, which til now we dunno whether it's true or not. Ish. They kept saying it was reserved for them but seriously there was no notice or sign saying so. But still we left coz we dunwan to create prblems wif them. Cis!..Then we all moved to a further place be exact, it was the the last row of tables from the stage. Haiz..cant c anything. And the food again. Haiz...the most enjoying part was taking pic. Oh I saw myself like so thin do. So hapi. And..I was damn hapi when bf said, he actualli loves me alot and deeper compared to last time...I'll never forget it..Sweet? Haha..Yes it is!
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