Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, March 23, 2009

Learnt New Things

Well people, today I've learnt a lot regarding contaminants in food. Since I'm a dietetic student, so I hope can share the info I got today wif my beloved readers. Haha..Not just bout gradma stories keh me. some information also keh..
Contaminants:....r divided into 6 different types and groups

1) Heavy Metals
  • In added into food indirectly.
  • Example of case is in Indonesia where they use disposed water to water plants, causing high levels of contaminants in vegetables.
  • Mercury @ Methylmercury- High toxic and can affect Central nervous system(brain, spinal cord and nerves)..The biggest issue is that Mercury found in fishes as the sea is polluted by mercury from industries.
  • Cadmium- Affects the kidney most. This heavy metal has no benefit to body. Thus high level is dangerous to human. Can be found in cigerrate. So smokers..try to stop smoking so that Cadmium is free from u!
2) PCB and PBB
  • Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)- Heat transter liquid used in transformer or capasitor, non degradeable and no bacteria can degrade it. It can lower the IQ of newborn babies if consumed alot by mother. PCB can be transformed to Dioksin (TCDD) which is highly toxic to us. Dioksin can cause canser and mostly disoksin can be released thru incinerator [ the garbage disposal area]
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)- The effects of PBB is almost same as PCB. It's highly toxic and non degradeable. Same as the PCB, it stays permenantly in human body fat. The half life takes bout 7-11 years, meaning, the PCB n PBB take tat long to divide in half of its size
3) Chlorinated Naftalene
  • Is naftalene treated with chlorin
  • Can kill cows..imagine if we ate it?? We might end uo like the cow
4) Radionuclide
  • Released thru radioactive rays like X-rays, alpha, beta and gamma rays
  • Can contaminate water once is absorbed thru the surface
  • It can also enter to the ground water and highly consumed amount can be cancerous oh
5) Carsinogen in smoked food
  • Smokes food like bacon, smoked fish n fruits hav high levels of hidrocarbon aromatic polycyclic. This compund is cancerous.
6) Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Example is DTT- pesticide organochlorin
  • DTT is harmful as it cannot be degraded

I hope these facts can b useful to everyone. Hope wil guide u to eat healthyly lo! Enjoy

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