Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lab...FUN tasting Different Cheeses

My Fried Egg

Today the most interesting part of the day is the PPM lab. Today get to try different types of cheeses. Ok..let me share my knowledge with those who love cheese but duno bout the differences of cheeses. Ok..The first pic fried egg. C the well-shaped structure? Haha..Proved that my skill is ok lo. Wahaha..SS la me..Syok sendiri!

Edam Cheese

Ok..Next is the Edam cheese. This cheese is very solid in the sense that wen we bite it, the mouthfeel we will get is that the cheese hard, not easy to melt in out mouth. It's salty and not very strong smell or taste.

Extra Cheddar Cheese
Next, the Extra Cheddar Cheese. This cheese harded compared to Cheddar cheese. Its more salty and stronger flavour and aroma compared to Cheddar.

Cheddar Cheese

Then, the Cheddar Cheese. Well, Cheddar is the softer Extra Cheddar Cheese. It's salty and less flavour and aroma compared to Extra Cheddar Cheese. It has milky flourful dan melts once in our mouth. Yummy.

Cheese Spread

The Spread Cheese. Like cream only. White in colour, soft and creamy texture. It tastes the best because it is soft. not salty and milky flavour. Its soft texture make it best for cakes and bread spread

Blue Cheese..C the blackish colour? It's mold..or..'kulat' lo!

Lastly, the Blue Cheese. I hate most. Haha. This cheese still having live molds or fungus on it. That's why we can c the greenish black spots on the cheese. Wen tasted, YUCKS..Terrible. Tasted like spolied cheese and it had very very strong flavour plus soft texture. I guess those who loves it reali loves cheeses. Haha..I love everything except this...But it was fun...!!!

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