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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simple current skin care products review

I always watch videos in YouTube whereby people just love to do skin care review and routine they have to keep their skin healthy and clear. Now, I personally don't have perfect skin ok. My skin is just so freaking terrible especially back in my teenage years [16-17 years old]. That time I have so severe acne on my face. My whole face was covered with spots, pimples and cyst. It was so horrible and gross. My face didn't have any smooth surface bac
k then. I was so ashamed and didn't even dare to look into the mirror. I'd tried so many products and even went to see skin specialist and beautician. Well, the dermatologist gave me a lot of antibiotics and some products but I didn't work well because once I stopped taking the medication, the pimples came out again. I couldn't completely rely on the drugs. I wanted something more stable and gives good results in a long run. The beautician's products were really good but it was just too expensive. One set cost about RM300+. Which is too expensive for student like me to buy again after finishing..

Well, I've tried so so many products from drugstore to high-en
d type. I've used Neutrogena, Garnier, OXY, Clearasil and some other products like Charpoem, Bioglo and even high-end products like Laneige. But non of those can give me constant or long lasting result on my skin. Even the expensive Laneige gel cleanser doesn't keep my skin any clearer or better compare to the current products I'm using..

Now, straight to the point. Currently, I'm using products that are formulated to acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. All these products were fantastic and it works pretty well so far and I don't suffer from any reactions and massive breakouts so skin care routine is the same everyday with cleanse, tone and mositurise and sometimes t
reating spots and doing some face treatment like applying masks.

1. Cleanse

The cleanser I use daily now is the Eucerin DermoPurifiyer cleanser. This cleanser specially formulated to treat acne-prone skin. I got to know about Eucerin from my friend that Eucerin is the famous brand recommended by many dermatologis
t to treat sensitive and acne-prone skin. I used Laneige before this but I see that it doesn't treat my pimples to the root. I got a lot of tiny bumps underneath my skin which is YUCKS..Hate it..So I use this:

This Eucerin cleanser is so gentle and after cleansing it doesn't leave my skin dry and tight. It's gentle but effective to cleanse the skin from sebum and also contains lactic acid to deeply cleanse the skin and has anti-bacterial effect. I've used about almost a week and I've notice that my skin is so much clearer and the tiny bumps almost all gone. Complexion is smoother and no breakouts experienced. Well to find out more on how the DermoPurifiyer systems works..visit this site Eucerin

Price: RM 30+
Rate: 4/5
Will I repurchase: Yes!

2. Tone

After cleansing, it's important to tone your face because it will remove the left-over cleanser or even make up from your face and also toner functions also to close the pores after cleansing and make the skin more refreshed. It also works as a base to prep your skin ready for moisturiser. I've used many type of toners too and this is my favourite of all.. Simple's Kind to Skin Soothing Toner is a toner that's loved by many people specially in UK mainly because the price super cheap and it's so gentle on the skin. I don't have sensitive skin but I always believe sensitive skin products are less harmful and protects the skin better. So I choose this. Indeed after using bout 1/3 of the bottle I love it and everyday will use some time to slowly swipe it all over my face and let it slowly absorb into my skin by doing padding motions using my palm and fingers. Face feel refreshed instantly..

Price: RM 15.70
Rate: 5/5
Will I repurchase: Yes definitely!

3. Moisturize

After toning, it's time to apply moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized. I love this moisturizer because the ingredients are very gentle and it has a lot skin loving nutrients and vitamins which helps to soften the skin and making it hydrated. Hydrated skin will be less oilier and also healthier. Check out this link to get further details of the Simple skin care : SIMPLE

I use this moisturizer in the day after cleansing and toning and I just need a little pea size amount for the whole face. My skin is oily type so it's not wise to use too much moisturizer as it can be too hydrating for my skin and after few hours, it can be very oily. But overall this moisturizer improved my skin condition and now my skin won't be dry and tight after a few hours in the shopping mall..Likey!

Price: RM 19.90
Rate: 5/5
Will I repurchase: Yes

During night time, we need to moisturize our skin too and especially at night because our skin undergoes process of regeneration and renew of skin. Thus, night cream is formulated to provide sufficient nutrients and care for the process. Therefore at night after cleansing and toning, I use SIMPLE's Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream. This cream contains 3 skin loving nutrients and 3 vital vitamins which are essential to restore and replenish the skin throughout the night. This cream is really rich so again for me I need just a little pea size amount to cover my whole face or else throughout the night my skin will be so oily and will cause breakout..But if apply in proper amount it will give a smoother and supple skin the day after...

Price: RM 30+
Rate: 4/5
Will I repurchase: Maybe..

I hope the review helpful to those planning to purchase the above products..But anyway different people have different skin tolerance and acceptance. So, it may work for me but it may not for you. Believe in yourself and if that product is not suitable for you, your skin will tell breakouts, dryness, allergy and hypersensitivity...

Hope this helps...

Take care and speak again soon!
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