Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, June 3, 2011

Life goes on

Well it's really been a long time since I posted. Sorry for that..Well I've promised my beloved Jian Choong to be strong and not to be sad after his departure to UK. It's ok to be sad right but as long as not for too long, then I believe my baby boy will forgive me..=) I sent him off yesterday at KLIA. That was the first time I've been to Malaysia's International Airport. It's huge and packed with peoples..from just everywhere..I can see from my baby's eyes that he was excited and sad at the same time..He was happy and excited to be going off to UK and travel by plane but he was sad to leave everyone he loves in Malaysia for few months..

Of course the same feeling strikes me and also his family members..All of us came to send him off for his study journey to UK and no doubt almost everyone cried.. His father and I were the only two held our tears back. Before the day of departure, I've promised him to be good girl and be strong..I will keep my promise..

But this is how life always be and how human always are. Life never a straight smooth road and there will always be cry times, smile times, happy times and sorrow times..But I'm really grateful because although now I'm facing really bad times having to be departed from baby boy, I still had many happy moment with him before his departure. We went for our last date, had a great movie and dinner together, went to hunt for his UK trip necessities, went to collect his air ticket with him, had a fun holiday in Penang...and so on...This leaves me no regret or misery anymore.

He left already..I still need to move on my life here in Ipoh another few months without him..If you're reading this baby, wish you luck always in UK and most important of all is study hard and enjoy your new life there k? Be careful and take care...

Loving you always [mean it] and miss u

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