Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, June 3, 2011

The value of relationship

Now another post..

I remembered that two days before his departure we had a small misunderstanding..I judged myself that time and I thought of breaking up with baby boy.. I judged the value of our relationship... He told me some of my weaknesses and that moment I felt so ashamed of myself for casting so many problems to him..I felt really ashamed..I thought that "If I'm such a terrible person, maybe he deserves a better girl.. Maybe we should break up.."

He text me but I ignored it.. Then when I saw him at the market, I avoided him completely and walked far away with tears flowing down non-stop..I cried because I couldn't face this guy..I felt ashamed of myself..I caused so many problems to him..He said I was not happy letting him make friends...which is what a GF shouldn't do..but he said I did [I don't think I did]..So I can't forgive myself for that...I thought he told me that was like an indication that it's the time to end it...

But he told me he still loves me so much and more than before....which makes him accepted everything of me....Our relationship still strong...the value is just...cannot be measured...I love him so so so much too...

Anyway, it's easy to be said by another person advising me not to be sad of his leaving, but honestly, if that particular person in my position right now, I can bet that he/she is just like me now...sad to the boot..! =) But never mind, I'm fine now...=) I believe he's in UK already...Just hope he misses me too..=P



The crazy pig ping sing [the nick name baby named me]
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