Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, June 6, 2011

Penang Trip 2011's time to update about the holiday trip to Penang island this year. I went there with beloved baby and his sister with her bf as well..we went for 3 days and stayed at Century Bay apartment which is such a pretty apartment with many facilities. I love the apartment.. =) We brought along smelly pot pot Yorkie and noti pot Nymus.. We drove there and every time we tour drove to the destinations...The first place we went to w
as the Snake Temple. There were many snakes my god.So many different species and we got shocked by one of the hissed so loudly and attacked us. Thank god we were protected by the glass barrier if not, we might got bitten by the snake..Pheww.. There was a python, very gentle and not dangerous at all...It was said that if we touch the python from head to tail while praying ur wish then the wish will come true..We tried touching but not sure how true is the fact?!

See how huge is the snake?? Fat...
Next destination was Kek Lok Si Temple. We walked to the top temple and also the new Kwan Yin Temple that requires cable car to reach. The place is awesome..very beautiful with huge Kwan Yin statue...There are cute seats too with cute animals at the end of the bench... Besides that, there are 12 chinese zodiac statues and I love the dragon!

See the dog? It's at the end of the baby boy bully him..!

My beloved baby boy hugs me so closely...I like this! =)

We traveled by car and beloved baby boy drove here and there. We took the opportunity to cam whore in the car..Lolz...He smiled..i love his smile...=)

Nearby the kwan yin baby love this 'Lion' so much...

See the Kwan Yin? Looks small but actually huge

see the cute bench? It's a m
onkey at the end..

We went to few places but I only going to upload some of it..This place is the Sleeping Buddha nearby Strait Quay. Strait Quay is a beautiful place just nearby the beach! =) At the Sleeping Buddha baby boy and I
were clingy and took some pictures together


Baby say this Garuda very nice! So took picture

Sleeping buddha!

Had very nice trip with baby boy..the best thing was sleeping beside him in apartment...feel so safe beside him! =)

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