Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Besties Genting Trip September 2011

Right..I know it's already 2012 and kinda late for this post wtf! Sorry..but then since I'm 'pretty' not occupied by my cancer notes now, I wanna update about our little trip. Well, this trip was a successful one as we besties have known each other for so many years but never go for any holiday together for once..well outing was too much and most in Ipoh..This time we wanna go OUT from Ipoh together! It took us few months to plan everything ahead, buy the tickets for transport, buffet and also booking rooms. Miss Ngeaw was in charged to book the room while I will be the on providing accommodation a day before the trip, buying the tickets and the manager of the trip..LOL..

There are many photos we took but difficult to post all here. If you are interested to view the pictures, kindly add me in FB and view, or you can clink this link: Besties Genting

We arrived at Genting through GoGenting bus. You can get the package at GoGenting booth in Gombak LRT station, KL central, Pudu Raya and One Utama. The one day package they offer are two way transfer for bus and cable car, one inter-changeable ticket for either buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace or Outdoor theme park entrance ticket. All these are only RM47. I can tell you that the buffet lunch cost about RM55 per person. So the package is a good deal actually. Unfortunately this package is only for one day trip. So if you plan to stay over at Genting like us, the ticket is still worth it if u go for the buffet! [at least u can avoid cracking your head thinking what to eat]. The buffet has loads of choices from local cuisine to western, indian and japanese food. Delicious! That's all I can say..check out these links for more information : GoGenting & Coffee Terrace

The pictures are randomly arranged..Lol..sorry about that...

The weather was good..windy..bright and no haze..this means we can go play

This picture was taken by Jyn Ling..she entered the cable car before she was left alone at another cable car..she took picture of us..

So, playing time...the good thing about Genting themepark is that, adult can play children games but not the other way round..

One thing about me, camwhoring is there all the time

Our lovely Miss Ngeaw been pretty obsess with the Worm Height Measurer..

Our Chia Wen is so cute...

Got no idea why Jyn Ling gave such reaction

Group picture while waiting for our cable car. We waited for 1 hour that day. Lesson learnt: NEVER go Genting during peak season! ='(

Our SECOND ride for Space Shot. Jyn Ling and I was so thrilled after the first ride and dragged Wai Leng together for the 2nd time but unfortunately, she was not that 'brave' for this..ended up crying after the ride..Sorry!

W.Leng dragged us to play the water boat and I wanted to curse her as I ended up wet for the whole body + with the cold wind, I caught a cold and could not breathe the whole day..

Flash back to before the boat can see how excited she was..We waited for so long also and the stupid boat took ages to go up the! There was two slopes, means we will be wet for two times.. I was already wet after the first slope and the boat was moving soooooo slowly to the second slope...I was shivering like helll..... wth! That's how I got my cold! TQ wai leng!!! Cis..but it was fun!

Killing her already!

Up next is some crazy or cute individual pictures

Chia wen loves green color which makes her loves plants too

Too tired..but still wanna be cute!

Hello! I'm cute Mashi

See how lazy Miss Ngeaw was...

More group photos in Chocolate land

We are que-ing for pirate ship..greatest excitement! Wai Leng left behind to guard bag..she said she will feel sea sick and heart attack if she got on the boat..LOL...

Time for lunch! We were at Coffee Terrace!

From everyone's expression, u know that the food is simply delicious! Here's we found nice Durian ice cream...hehe...

I miss our time together besties...See you all again soon this CNY..

Love u all!


Lai Peng

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