Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bored studying..Hence, the Hair Painting

Haha.. I've just finished my 3rd paper for this semester. Yay! Now, just wanna do some update about my colored hair. Previously, I mentioned about 'painting' my hair. I was thinking.... "when to start coloring?" Then, this sudden urge to paint started when I was so stressful studying for exam last weekend...

You can see how depressed I look.. with my green tea and notes beside me.

So took some time to camwhored a little [u know me XD]

I spent RM50 book voucher given by government on books and also some kiddy stuff like coloring book and pencils.. Yup you did not read wrongly.. I bought coloring book and color pencils. When I was younger, drawing and coloring plus painting used to be my passion and also to de-stress. When I was in Popular, I thought, since I'm really stressed and sad, why not try indulging myself with my old passion again?! So, I bought those kiddy stuff with a story book. Reading is also my passion since young. I love story books but now, I get too used to reading magazine instead. So, now, with the free voucher, I get myself a book to read..

As you can see, the beautiful little highlighters also included in my shopping list. They actually have really cute faces on it. Owh..can't really see..but nvm, I'm on my drawing project of these cute faces. Will upload it when it is done!

Last camwhore picture I took with my black hair..Say sayonara to it!

So, I went ahead to dye my hair.. U can refer to the previous post about my plan of coloring my hair..

Ok.. This is the final product after rinsing off, and a day after. I took this under good lighting. The color is not vibrant, not really light brown. It's more towards dark brown after blending with my original black color..

This picture I took outside under bright sun light. As you can see, the color is more obvious here. I pretty loving the color actually. And, the treatment I did using the given conditioner and + with my HG hair moisturizer, OLIVE OIL, made my hair really really soft after dyeing..

I'm happy with my new change..^_^

So long for now


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