Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I need to face you?

WTH! Why am I caught up with you? Why do I need to face and know you? Why are you making everyone's life so miserable? Do you think you are always the RIGHT one? The LOGICAL one? The SENSIBLE one? The LENIENT one? Do you think you are the PHILOSOPHER?

I'm beginning to feel that you are ruining my study life. Previously I did respect you and I used to admire you despite you crazy "behavior". Now, I'm beginning to lose respect for you. I forgave you for being amnesia, for being very particular about our assignments..but, I cannot forgive you for being amnesia but not admitting that you are, I cannot forgive you for your obvious bias towards people you like, I cannot forgive you for simply assuming we are this and that..

You always say we do ridiculous, lousy work.. but do you really look at what we do without bias, without your crazy high-end standards and philosophy? I don't want to see you again...

I hope you are out of my life soon....


Depressed girl

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