Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on CNY 2012

In FB, I've seen everybody updating pictures of their CNY but different for me, I don't like to post anything about CNY there. I find that CNY is something personal to me and I prefer sharing in blog where there's only some people viewing it. My mum told me that every year CNY will be full of CNY feeling and moods after I am back to Ipoh. She said it is because I will be rushing everyone in the family to decorate the house with red items and will be playing CNY songs over and over again. This is so true about me. I enjoy CNY especially when the songs were filling my ears and creating the happy mood in me and my family..

This year we have cute dragon decorations at the front door of our house. Very cute right?

At the front porch, we have two medium size red lantern with fireworks

At front gate, this is how it looks like..

I went ahead to celebrate CNY with besties and Jyn Ling surprised me with my be-early birthday present. She gave me a beautiful Korean style long sleeve shirt. The materials are really good and the shirt is very soft and comfy. Perfect for my Genting trip with JC next week...

Traveling is very hectic and for me, my skin care products are definitely with me all the way. Just for fun, I packed my skin care products in travel size bag. In the pouch, there is my eyeliner, mascara, dental floss, eye cream, toner, AHA cleanser, essence, sun block and pore strips. Well, aloe vera gel is too big for the pouch..I guess I will be getting the travel size soon and fit it in the pouch for my trip next week..

One word.. Excited!


Lai Peng

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