Love, Family & Food

Love, Family & Food

Monday, January 16, 2012

Masak Masak!

Emmmmm.... It's good to be devouring in good and delicious foods... I'm a person who loves to eat.. and loves to cook. To those who know me well, they know that I enjoy cooking and because of this, they labelled me as 'House-wife' wtf! Well, loves to doesn't mean a good wife. But I must admit that my passion for cooking has bring a bad effect to my hubby. Sobz.. His central obesity is worsening.. OMG! But he just seem to be ignoring it. Haiz...

Yesterday we both cooked together for lunch and the menu of the day is Home Made Fish and Chip.

So how to prepare this?

(A) Dory fillet
~ Dory fillet
~ Salt
~ Lemon zest and juice
~ Corn flour
~ Egg
~ Bread crumb

(B) French fries
~ Potato
~ Salt

(C) Salad
~ Vegetables of your choice
~ Yogurt
~ Lemon juice
~ Black pepper (grind)
~ Pinch of Salt + Sugar

(D) Tartar sauce
~ Mayonnaise
~ Lemon juice

Dory Fillet
1. Marinade the dory fillet with salt, lemon zest and juice for about 1/2 hour
2. Remove the excess water from dory fillet with kitchen towel
3. Coat dory fillet with corn flour evenly, then coat it with beaten egg
4. Lastly, coat the fillet with bread crumb. Be sure that it is coated evenly
5. Prepare oil in a wok. The right temperature for deep frying is 180 degree celcius, if you cannot measure the temperature, check it by dropping a little bread crumb into the oil. Sizzling and bubbling of the bread crumb indicate the right temperature.
6. Fry the fillet until golden brown. Remove it from the oil and drain off excess oil on kitchen towel or cooling rack

* REMEMBER to fry at the right temperature and heat. Control the burner to get the right heat. DO NOT cook the fillet with very high heat as it will over brown the coating of the fillet, but the fish is not cooked inside.

French fries
7. Cut potato into 1/2 x 1/2 inch size length wise (the length and size are flexible to you desire)
8. Soak the potato strips into salt water for 1/2 hour
9. Drain off excess water and use kitchen towel to dry it further
10. Set it aside for the water to further evaporates
11. Deep fry the potato just like the way of frying dory fillet.

12. Clean the vegetables and drain off excess water
13. Cut it to small pieces and put in a bowl
14. Add yogurt, black pepper, pinch of salt, sugar and some lemon juice.
15. Mix everything thoroughly

Tartar sauce
16. Simply mix evenly mayonnaise and lemon juice.

17. Serve everything on a plate and enjoy your home made fish and chips!

Enjoy and good luck in the kitchen (adapted from Cooking with The Dog)


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